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Five great interview techniques to find the perfect addition to your team

We all know interviews can be tough, and that the person sitting across from you may end up being an entirely different character once they join your team. In the Energy industry today a dynamic team player is just as important as a seasoned expert, so here at EnergyPowerLab we are going to let you in on a few of our top techniques to help shake up your interviews and truly get to know your candidate before it’s too late!

1. How enthusiastic are they really? Don’t simply question applicants on their eagerness for the job, discover how much energy they have in everyday life by asking them about their hobbies and interests. Everyone will have rehearsed professional enthusiasm but seeing how confident someone is talking about what they know well will give you glimpse of how they are likely to act as an accomplished member of your team.

2. Get more than one opinion Having multiple points of view during the interview process will allow you to confirm or deny any concerns you may pick up. You can also introduce applicants to their future team mates to see if they are open and friendly as opposed to hostile and disconnected. Candidates know they have to impress you as the interviewer but their guard will come down for others, allowing a sneak peak into their true nature. And don’t forget that oh so important first impression!

3. Do your research Make sure you are not meeting the candidate for the first time during their interview. Revise their CV and application before talking to them and you will feel much more at ease and able to concentrate on what they have to say.

4. Ask questions This gives your candidate the opportunity to demonstrate enthusiasm for your business. Be receptive for in depth and interesting questions and look out for ones that only serve the interests of the candidate (for example, asking about holidays during an interview shows a lack of consideration). A candidate with no questions has missed a great opportunity to prove that they are motivated and committed to the job!

5. Don’t play the boss Be conversational and informal at first. Welcome the candidate into your office, show them around and offer them a drink. Not only will this break the ice and put them more at ease for the interview, but it will make applicants drop their guard from the very beginning, allowing you to see behind the interview mask.

Implementing these tips will help you attract industry talents, but nothing will bring them in as quickly as taking advantage of EnergyPowerLab’s large candidate pool and long experience in recruitment for the energy industry. Get in touch with us today to start a new job search or talk to us about our consulting services.


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