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Is Your Resume Being Read By The Right People?

It’s no surprise when candidates hear the discouraging news that most resumes go straight into the trash or delate folder. Many applications submitted through online systems never even make it to human eyes thanks to applicant tracking systems that search their documents for matching keywords. If the candidate’s CV doesn’t have a high enough correlation of keywords with the job description, it will be archived without a human even laying eyes upon it.

How can you avoid this?

Keywords are important. We know you know to tailor your CV to each job application. The most effective way to do this is to read the first 3-5 bullet points of the job description and make sure the qualities and experiences they are looking for are well represented in your CV and phrased in a similar way. This helps you to make it past the first round of scanning by automated systems.

Where are you sending it?

If possible, for companies that do not require you to use the automated candidate tracking application systems it is recommended you get on social media and spend a little time discovering exactly who the hiring manager, VP of the department, or director is to send your application directly to their mail box rather than sending it off to “hr@reallybigcompany.com”. If you can get it directly into human hands from the get-go you are much more likely to have a positive result. Sometimes it may be difficult to determine who this might be. In that case we recommend you send an email to the contact listed in the advertisement. This is usually the job poster but not always the recruiter. Ask them a question about the hiring experience or the position and more often than not you will be referred to the actual recruiter, from there you can send your resume directly. This strategy is also useful to help you develop a rapport beforehand.

Are you using the right resources?

Of course, we think the easiest way to get your resume in front of a recruiter is to work with us! When we bring a new candidate into our EnergyPowerLab family, we ensure that your resume is tagged for keywords that will put you directly in front of our clients, the hiring managers, VPs, and directors who make things happen. Get in touch with us today to start the real journey to a new success story!


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