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Keep your cool in an interview by knowing what not to do

Interviews are incredibly daunting, and no matter how much you prepare beforehand it is incredibly easy to forget everything you had planned under the expectant gaze of your potential future employer.

Today at EnergyPowerLab we have some great tips for what not to do in these moments when you may be feeling your most hopeless.

The most important thing to remember when you lose your way in an interview is that you must not let it effect your confidence and composure. Listen attentively to everything the interviewer says to you, and engage them in conversation about the position and company that they represent.

Treating your interview like a test, where you simply answer questions and wait for the next one will not get you very far as you will come across uninterested and disengaged. At the same time, don’t try to just give the interviewer what you think they want. You should give your own, unique take on their questions and be careful not to present a rehearsed version that they will likely hear many times over the course of other peoples’ interviews.

Take this opportunity to impress on your potential employer by standing out and proving that you have a particular and interesting take on the energy industry.

On the other hand, knowing your place and not being too informal or over enthusiastic is also very important. Asking questions is one of the number one tips that people will give you when heading into an interview, however they should always be relevant and measured reactions to where you feel the conversation is heading.

Try not to steer the conversation yourself as you may come across as overconfident or unfocussed, and absolutely never lie during an interview. In such a competitive industry where specific knowledge is so highly valued, an interviewer can very quickly and easily work out when you are bluffing.

Overall, the biggest DON’T in an interview is simply DON’T let it stress you out. Stay calm, focussed and remember that you are a professional and you know what you are talking about. If you’ve made it this far in the recruitment process, then the person sitting across from you has seen potential in you and has confidence in you, so you should too!


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