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Recruiting Strategies that Attract Talented Energy Executives

EnergyPowerLab is here to help you find the most qualified and sought after candidates in the energy industry. Our executive search services match your mission with the experience and skills of those in our candidate pool. Since many of our candidates are presently employed, we offer you access to a database of the best candidates who may be passive job seekers, and therefore almost impossible for you to connect with otherwise.

In this week’s newsletter we’re talking about these passive job seekers and how you can strategize to be more attractive to them. Below are some tips and advice on how to attract passive jobseekers:

  • Encourage a “recruiting culture” within your company. Every team member in a company, regardless of their position, should be motivated to fill internal job positions. Implementing a referral scheme in which employees receive rewards when they find successful hires would be effective.

  • Watch out for talent before a job opportunity might arise. Building good relationships in advance would make it easier to persuade a passive candidate to consider a new challenge at a later stage.

  • Reading other peoples’ blogs. This will give you the opportunity to have an insight into the person’s personality and competence; it also reflects the fact to what extent the person was able to build his reputation.

  • Create your own blog and turn yourself into a source of information that people want to turn to and ask questions.

  • Follow, like and connect with passive candidates. If a candidate knows that he is valuable in the job market it can give his confidence and ego a tremendous boost.

  • If you ask for referrals don’t ask “Do you know someone who is looking for a job?” instead ask “Do you know someone with xyz skills?”

  • Whenever you come across an interesting person which you think would be a great candidate in the future, take a note and keep record. You can also think of other people you have worked with in the past. What were their names? What are they doing now? Find out whether they are happy in their workplace. Research on social media and find out.

  • Listen to what really motivates employees. Money is not the only motivator but maybe working at an office which is closer to home or being offered training opportunities would make a candidate think whether a job change would be worthwhile.

  • Organise informal events that can be beneficial for both parties (the recruiting company and the passive candidate) in which they can network or have some coffee. Build relationships with them without putting too much pressure on them and see where it leads.

  • If you hear about a company’s layoffs or downturn approach quickly those who might soon face unemployment and offer them a more secure job.

  • Every time you come across some candidates’ references consider also those as potential hires for the future.

  • Bear in mind that in order to convince a passive candidate to change position you would have to offer something substantial that the current company is not able to offer.

Keep things discreet and simple. Stable, passive candidates will be much less likely to engage with a particular job opportunity if there is any fear that their employer will find out they are ‘looking elsewhere.’ Your hiring managers and recruiters must be discreet at all times. The entire application process should be highly confidential. No details can slip to the outside world — not even employees at the company. They may begin to gossip, and word may get back to the passive candidate’s current employer. That’s a great way to lose the candidate’s interest entirely.

Finally, offer a flexible interview (like we do – first interview on the phone, second interview in person or via Skype). One barrier to getting passive talent interested in the application process is the thought that they might have to use valuable vacation time to interview for a job — when they are not even sure if they want to changes jobs. They may be worried about their current employers catching wind of the fact that they are scoping out their options. To remove this barrier and get passive candidates more interested in your organization, make use of flexible interviewing options, such as weekend/evening interviews, video interviews, and phone interviews. That way, candidates can do much of the interview process without using vacation time or alerting their employers to the fact that they are interviewing.

Implementing these tips will help you attract passive jobseekers, but nothing will bring them in as quickly as taking advantage of EnergyPowerLab’s large candidate pool and long experience in recruitment for the energy industry. Get in touch with us today to start a new job search or talk to us about our consulting services.

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