Our executive search team helps clients identify and develop future-ready leaders

The science of recruiting success

Although the subject and process can be daunting, recruiting and talent management is one of the key factors to help a firm rise or stay on top of a market and it’s potential. Here at Energy Power Lab we have honed our craft to an almost scientific process to ensure recruitment success stories for all our clients in the energy industry. In an industry where candidates need technical skills, knowledge, and experience the task of building a team or filling a position can be difficult.

The people who know top talent

Our experience and establishment in the industry has allowed us to learn the landscape of the field. Our candidate pool is independent of any social media site and we follow candidates throughout their careers, keeping up to date with new skills, competencies, and experiences. In this way we don’t lose time chasing rabbits (uninterested candidates). We understand how their career paths develop and how to aid them in the next step.

We deeply understand your business and industry

Understanding is a two way street and at Energy Power Lab, we not only understand our talent but your business and industry as well. From top to bottom we know what it takes to be competitive in all areas of the energy industries. In nuclear or oil & gas to renewables and beyond, we understand the limits and ambitions of our firms – from startups to global enterprises we’ve cultivated our skills and experiences to provide overall competitive success for each individual recruitment mission.

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